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What others like and admire about me

  • Enthusiastic and passionate trainer
  • Visionary – awesome graphic recorder – able to see something and turn it into something beautiful
  • Able to break down large/broad concepts to help people understand
  • Down to earth, welcoming and approachable
  • Always looking for ways to make things equitable and inclusive
  • Brave and never gives up

What’s important to me

  • Spending quality time with my family!
  • Volunteering together
  • Dinners, movies, games
  • Vacations to see sea life, mountains and other natural wonders

Advocating for the best outcomes:

  • Ensuring my son and husband get the best treatment and support for their health and disability issues
  • Staying current on research, national advocacy groups and attend parent training for my son
  • Being effective in my work – helping people with disabilities have the lives they want

Feeling in control of my health:

  • Doing positive, proactive things to stay healthy (stress management, eating well, exercising when possible)
  • Staying current on survivorship issues for breast cancer – survivor since 2001
  • Making decisions with my health care team, not having anything decided for me
  • I must get results ASAP after tests/surgery
  • Host and attend breast cancer advocacy groups, fundraising, awareness events
  • Celebrate every survivor milestone!

Staying connected with friends wherever they may be in the world – Phone calls, texts, emails, Skype/Facetime when possible, meeting for dinner and drinks!

How best to support me

I need to attend all appointments with specialists, doctors, school folks related to Steve and Ben.

  • This helps me stay up on how to provide good support and advocate.
  • If I miss an appointment please share summary information with me.
  • Also, I won’t schedule a full work day if there is an appointment to attend.
  • I use all my vacation time each year at work.
  • Realize time off is very important to my happiness and my health.
  • I appreciate understanding in not expecting me to change my vacation dates to accommodate work.
  • Realize I have been through LOTS of waiting with my past medical history. IF you tell me results will be ready on a certain day, I expect to receive this information.
  • Please give me the best phone numbers to contact someone for information or better yet, contact me directly!
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