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Jamie Markey

HSA USA Associate – California

One of my greatest passions in life, professionally and personally, is creating means that positively impact peoples lives. I have an unwavering dedication to embedding person centered practices to support not only those receiving services, but employees and organizations.
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What others like and admire about me

  • Enthusiastic and passionate trainer
  • Visionary – awesome graphic recorder – able to see something and turn it into something beautiful
  • Able to break down large/broad concepts to help people understand
  • Down to earth, welcoming and approachable
  • Always looking for ways to make things equitable and inclusive
  • Brave and never gives up

What’s important to me

    • To maintain a healthy work-life balance.
    • Quality time with my family helps me rejuvenate.
    • To have a flexible schedule especially during fire season (May –October).
    • To be creative and innovative in the workplace.-To work with goal oriented people, who want to make a difference in people’s lives.
    • To collaborate, share, and learn from others.
    • To have a honest and truthful relationship with others.
    • That people walk away from our time together feeling confident and competent in their ability to lead.
    • That people trust I will do all that I can to help them grow and develop.

How best to support me

      • Please always be honest and straightforward with me, I believe trust is built on honesty.
      • I strongly believe in collaboration, I enjoy processing and talking through situations.
      • Please provide me with clear feedback.I appreciate knowing what I can do to improve.
      • It is important for me to have the time and space to be creative.
      • I work best if I have clear expectations and deadline for projects.
      • I value learning from different resource and others experiences. If you have useful information or resources, please share them with me.
      • I enjoy being challenged and having to think differently. If we are engaged in a conversation please challenge me by asking questions rather than giving me answers.
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