Kelsey Stavseth

HSA USA Associate – Vermont

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About Me

Kelsey leads H S A USA’s person-centered coaching programs and Team 15. He lives in Vermont where he has many years of experience providing center and home-based support and education to families with young children, supporting children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and doing mental health crisis work. Kelsey has an MBA with a certificate in Positive Organizational Development, which emphasizes strength-based approaches to solving complex team and organizational challenges. He is a Person-Centered Thinking trainer and a skilled facilitator. When not at work you can find Kelsey spending time with friends and family, riding his mountain bike, or building tiny cabins in the woods.

What others like and admire about me

  • Sense of humor
  • Honest and insightful discussions based on the sharing of ideas.
  • Great at listening
  • Open to collaborating and always willing to learn.
  • Kind, caring and compassionate.
  • Not afraid to dream big or apply creative solutions to challenging problems.
  • Being curious.
  • Great at creating dialogue

What’s important to me

  • Integrating stories from the group into the training. Making the material relevant to those in attendance.
  • Receiving frequent feedback about difficult concepts or ideas that are confusing or need more explaining
  • Making sure people are having fun and enjoying the training
  • Developing a connection with the group that helps create a positive environment for participation and challenging conversation.
  • Conveying core values that inform my care and person centered approach.
  • Having passion for the content and relaying the real life impact Person Centered Thinking can have on the people we serve and ourselves!
  • Fully exploring the “why” of everything we do as service providers.
  • Having time to establish dialogue between learners and the trainer
  • Establishing Respect, Engagement, Safety, Relevance, Immediacy and Inclusion (Principles of Dialogue Education)
  • Creating opportunities for ‘stretching’ perspectives and ideas about providing services.
  • Asking Powerful,Appreciative,open questions.
  • Creating Relationships with the group.
  • Establishing a good rhythm and flow to the day.

How best to support me

  • Participants engaging with the training by asking clarifying and insightful questions, which foster a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Group participation and energy.
  • Frequent feedback throughout the day stating what is/isn’t working
  • Share your knowledge and experiences –they are relevant, important and appreciated!
  • Having someone available to support with set up and troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • If group sharing is not your thing, please come and find me during a brief break for a one on one share.
  • Ability to access the space prior to the training. Being able to set up the night before
  • At least 15 minutes of alone time throughout the day to refuel myself.
  • ‘Lean into discomfort’
  • Compliments go a long way!