Shawna Hall

HSA USA Training and Facilitation Assistant

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About Me

Shawna is H S A USA’s Training and Facilitation Assistant, serving also as a co-production partner for many of our programs and services. She is certified as a Spiritual Director and serves on the Board of Directors for Tri-Counties Regional Center in California.  Shawna is using her skills in facilitation and person-centered planning to help others who use long term services and supports find their voice and feel heard.

What others like and admire about me

  • Warm
  • Funny
  • Courageous
  • an excellent communicator
  • empathetic
  • a good listener
  • determined
  • creative

What’s important to me

  • Maintaining good relationships with my family and working toward having a family of my own.
  • To have work with a purpose that helps others and makes good use of my gifts and abilities.
  • To increase my confidence in the workplace.
  • To work up to 20 hours a week so that I have time to take care of medical appointments and get adequate rest to keep myself healthy and well.
  • To start my workday at nine or 9:30 so that I have plenty of time to get ready in the morning and a margin for the unexpected, which always seems to happen in the morning!
  • To continue learning new things.
  • To produce quality work on time to the best of my ability.
  • To use my passion for communication and human connection to help others find their voice and feel heard.

How best to support me

  • Be patient with me when it comes to computers. I’m a pretty fast learner but all this technology is new to me.
  • I am largely an auditory learner. I learn by hearing things and being shown in a step-by-step fashion. Written material is helpful to have to refer to later if needed.
  • I love having a vision but I work best focusing on one day at a time. It helps to have big vision broken down into manageable pieces.
  • When possible, it helps me to know about deadlines ahead of time. This allows me to stay relaxed and focused on the project rather than my speed
  • I enjoy working collaboratively with others.