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Individuals and families

We can help you to think about what you’d like to continue in your life, what you’d like to change, and how you might work together with family, friends and paid supports to make it happen. We’ll help you define what great care and support means to you, and provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources to make it a reality.

The difference you’ll see

If you experience a disability, health condition, or other life circumstance – no matter what your age – we can work alongside you to define what great care and support looks like. By facilitating person-centered planning, we help you turn ideas into actions; and often do this alongside your family, friends, or other important people in your life.

We recognize that this work is deeply personal. We always take the time to ensure that you feel comfortable enough to contribute fully, that we understand what you want to achieve, and know what you’ve tried so far. We create an environment in which you can share with us what you’d like to change in your life – then, together, we can think how to make it happen.

We’re guided by your needs, and our work can lead to:

  • More independence and autonomy
  • Care and support that better reflects your needs, preferences and aspirations
  • Your personhood being respected and valued
  • New ways for you to think about your contribution to society
  • Better communication with professionals, family, friends and others
  • More creativity in care and support planning

What’s right for you?

Each person is different so we take the time to get to know you, what’s happening in your life, and how we might help. Here are some of the ways:

  • Person Centered Reviews
  • Charting the LifeCourse
  • Picture of a Life
  • Liberty Plans
  • PATH
  • MAPs
  • Planning Live
  • End of Life Planning

Learn more

If you’d like to learn more about how we can support you to reach your goals, contact Mary Beth today.

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