Author: Julie Tomlinson

I Am…

Recently my son came home and needed help finishing a homework assignment. He was being asked to write a poem (ugh! From him) with the title “I Am.” As I… Read more »

Living Well and Planning for the end of your life

Living Well is a person-centered approach to supporting people to live well with a long-term condition. It also provides a structure to help people think about and plan for the… Read more »

NCAPPS 2/22/22 Webinar Announcement!

National Center for Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems is excited to announce this webinar about person-centered decision making in healthcare and care at end of life. Featuring panelists Diane Coleman,… Read more »

Person-Centered Teams – Realigning with our purpose and values to build resilience in 2022

The constant uncertainty of 2021 has tested our resilience, and now as we launch into 2022 I think we can all agree our resilience is worn thin, possibly lacking the… Read more »

Begin Again

My biggest aha moment this year hit me only recently. After a challenging year of change and uncertainty and a lot of learning both personally and professionally it hit me-… Read more »

5 Top Tips for Positive and Productive Meetings

Are your team meetings making the best use of your time? Far from being something to just ‘get out of the way’, meetings should be seen as a vital part… Read more »

Upcoming Opportunities with HSA Teams and Leaders

We are commonly known for the work we do with providers to be more person-centered for HCBS compliance and helping organizations transform their ways of working to modernize practices that… Read more »

Collaborating with community partners.

We enjoy collaborating with other community based organizations. If you are looking for a partner for Service Access and Equity grants, HCBS Funding Cycle or Self-Determination we would love to talk with you…. Read more »