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3 things you can do straight away to communicate more effectively and compassionately at work.

HSA UK are hosting an introduction to Compassion at Work webinar.

This webinar will introduce you to Compassionate Communication

  • Do you wish you could say what’s on your mind and be truly heard?
  • Do you want to have conversations that matter with your colleagues?
  • Do you want to be more competent and resilient when conversations are challenging? 

Here are three things that you will be able to do differently as a result of this webinar:

  1. Change the way you use language to remove judgement and blame
  2. Increase your awareness of your own and others’ feelings and needs and what motivates us all to act
  3. Use the OFNR process to prepare for and debrief from challenging conversations

This webinar is for Anyone who wants to communicate more effectively in the workplace.