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The What, Why, When and How of Confirmation Practices with practical examples from 3 organisations who are introducing them into 1:1s.

HSA UK are hosting an introduction to Confirmation Practices – a radically different approach to ‘performance management’ webinar. Curious about Confirmation Practices but not sure how to use them?Do you know a little about them but want to see how organisations are using them in practice? Have you just heard the name and want to know more?

In this hour you will:

  • Understand what Confirmation Practices are, and three ways that they can be used
  • Hear how 3 organisations are introducing them, with direct care staff, team managers and senior leaders.
  • Understand how Confirmation Practices can replace traditional supervision or 1:1s
  • See a process for coaching Confirmation Practices
  • Think about how you could use Confirmation Practices yourself, and in your organisation

Confirmation Practices were developed by Andy Brogan from Easier Inc. You can find out more about Easier Inc here: https://www.easierinc.com/