Person-Centered Practices

Person-centered thinking and planning

Working directly with individuals, families and teams we co-design a person-centered planning process to define a person’s hopes and aspirations as well as what great care and support looks like and the needed action steps to make it happen.  We work with organizations and communities to imagine and explore new ways to support people to live lives that reflect what matters to them.

We work in ways that reflect best practice in the sector, and can help you to achieve statutory requirements such as the HCBS regulations.

Our ‘no surprises’ costing policy means that we provide fully-costed proposals with a ‘do not exceed’ limit, so you will never pay more than what has been approved.

Here you can discover some of the tools and approaches we use to learn about what’s important to people and turn that into an action plan.

Person-Centered Thinking

Through a suite of tried-and-tested discovery tools and approaches, we can learn about what matters to people to create a person-centered description and a plan of action.

Planning Live

With help from a facilitator, you and your quests will enjoy a 2-day planning process to explore how you want to live your life, the gifts and capacities you bring, and the steps to make your dreams a reality. It’s fun and friendly!

Person-Centered Reviews

A facilitator will help you plan and lead this informal, celebratory review of what’s working and not working, what you’d like to change in your life and what else is possible. Together we create an action plan to make it happen.


Think about your big dreams, your north star, using images to encourage creative expression.  Then you’ll look at what’s positive and possible in the future, where you are now vs where you want to be, and identify how to make your dreams reality.


MAPs are designed to help individuals, organizations and families move into the future effectively and creatively.

Community Connecting

Workshops to explore how we can create thriving and resilient communities where everybody matters.

The action plan is a natural path to making person-centeredness happen.

Kirsten Sanchirico, Director of Workforce Advancement and Carol Napierski, Senior Director of Innovation, New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation

The training and practice we did during the Positive and Productive Meetings training truly was priceless!

Cristina Mercado, Person Centered Thinking Coordinator, Regional Center of Orange County

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