MAPs are a planning tool that you can use to help individuals, organizations and families to figure out how to move into the future effectively and creatively.

They were first used as a tool for helping disabled children to integrate into mainstream schools, but they are now used more widely in person-centered planning with children and adults.

How you can use this to support people to thrive

You can use the MAPs process to:

  • Help people to find their way through unknown territory
  • Help people think about where they are now and where they need to go
  • To think about their past and how it might influence their future
  • To share their dreams and aspirations
  • To share their fears about the future and how to mitigate them
  • To build on their gifts, strengths and talents to decide a way forward
  • To set clear actions and responsibilities for moving forward towards the planned destination

How we would deliver MAPs

We usually facilitate the MAPs process in a 2-3 hour session with the person who is exploring their future and other people in their life. You can also integrate it as part of a wider program of support and person-centered planning. Contact Mary Beth to find out more about what might be right for you.