We can facilitate the PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) process to help people describe their vision for their future life, through a mix of guided conversation and hand drawn images. This way of working outlines the steps it will take to get the person there, as well as who is willing to help.

PATH gives you a way to truly involve everyone supporting a person in a conversation, leading to a shared focus on where the person wants to get to. It works particularly well when the person has a committed group of people supporting them, as they can be involved in the whole process.

How this can support people and teams to thrive


  • Enables people to clearly articulate their vision and goals for their future
  • Gives them more say in the type of life they want to lead
  •  Facilitates a conversation with others in their life that improves understanding of what matters to them
  •  Allows everyone to think creatively about the actions they need to take to make change happen
  •  Is a powerful strategic planning approach for teams and organizations

How we would deliver PATH

PATH is generally delivered as a single session. You could combine it with other types of person-centered thinking and planning as part of a wider package of support. For example it can be very effective to start with a person centered review to reflect on what’s working and what needs to change, followed by a PATH to create a vision of your preferred future and actions to get there. To learn more, contact Mary Beth.