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Training and Development

Do you believe that a different approach to care and support could help people to thrive and live fuller lives at work, at home, and in their communities? If so, we agree – and we’re here to help you make it a reality.

We work with you every step of the way, using tried-and-tested, practical knowledge, tools and resources to help embed change that lasts.

Our approaches reflect best practice in the sector, combining training, coaching, and practice to help you create lasting change, achieve statutory requirements such as HCBS requlations, and have a meaningul impact on the lives of people you employ and people you support.

Our ‘no surprises’ costing policy means that we provide fully-costed proposals with a ‘do not exceed’ limit, so your organization will never pay more than what has been approved. Explore our training programs below and give us a call.

Training topics
(remote or in person)

Person Centered Thinking & Planning

Foundational courses that help you reimagine how best to support a person to live their fullest life, and give you the tools, knowledge and skills to make it a reality.

Person Centered Reviews

Learn to facilitate and help others envision the life they want to live and create meaningful goals and action steps to make it happen.

Person Centered Organizations

Discover ways in which organizations can work that enable each and every member of their team to really thrive.

Self Managing Teams

Self-management is a move away from traditional hierarchies that reduces bureaucracy and increases efficiency by creating the right frameworks for greater autonomy to really work.

Community Development

By proactively building connected and compassionate communities, we improve overall resilience and help everyone to thrive. Learn strategies and approaches to do just that!

The action plan is a natural path to making person-centeredness happen.

Kirsten Sanchirico, Director of Workforce Advancement and Carol Napierski, Senior Director of Innovation, New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation

The training and practice we did during the Positive and Productive Meetings training truly was priceless!

Cristina Mercado, Person Centered Thinking Coordinator, Regional Center of Orange County

Explore resources in our marketplace

Learn how to apply person-centered approaches at your own pace; with our
wide range of books, posters and other resources.

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