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Training and development in Person-Centered Thinking

Our training and development in Person-Centered Thinking will provide you with a practical framework you can use day-to-day to help people to have more choice and control in their life.

This training will help you deliver truly personalized support by guiding you through the discovery of what is important to a person; how to best support them; the way they communicate and make decisions; and how to move to outcomes and action.

Learning about each Person-Centered Thinking Tool will give you the ability to record information about what is important to people and how they want to be supported.

Who is this training for?

Person-Centered Thinking will help you deliver personalized support on a day-to-day basis. If you support someone directly in your role, or you are a manager, professional, parent or caregiver, then this course is for you.

How could this help you?

This training will help:

  • to ensure you are offering personalized support, such as that required in the HCBS guidelines
  • to ensure that the plans that people have will be used and acted on, that the lives of people who use services will improve
  • to learn and record how a person wants to live and be supported
  • to have a number of ways to get plans started
  • to get a good match between the person supporting and the person being supported
  • to provide colleagues with person-centred support

What could you learn?

You will learn:

  • How using person-centered thinking and one-page profiles can help to deliver personalized services
  • How to separate what is important to someone from what is important for them and and strike a balance between the two
  • How to capture what people appreciate about a person
  • How to record this information into a one-page profile
  • Discovering what is working and not working in a situation from different perspectives – leading to action plans that make a positive difference in people’s lives
  • Recording how someone communicates using a communication chart
  • How to use the Decision Making Agreement
  • The many different ways of recording one-page profiles
  • How to decide which Person-Centered Thinking Tool to use
  • How to identify what core responsibilities are and where you can use creativity and judgment
  • How to match people based on skills, qualities and interests
  • How to mindfully record learning by using Learning Logs and 4 plus 1

How can we deliver this training?

We offer a range of training and development options in Person-Centered Thinking, and we can tailor them to your needs. Just get in touch with Mary Beth to learn more.

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