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What people say about us

We love hearing about the positive impact we make. Here are some of the kind words we’ve received from our clients.

“I used the cards from the training to think about different ways to organize and come to consensus.  It was a really positive experience and I’m excited to continue developing this skill. The training and practice we did during the Positive and Productive Meetings training truly was priceless!”

Cristina Mercado, Person Centered Thinking Coordinator, Regional Center of Orange County

“Helen Sanderson Associates’ Progress for Providers systematically guides a provider towards the  advancement of person centered thinking skills and approaches, supporting a person to have choice / control and creating a person centered structure within the team.  The action plan section is the culmination of the scoring on the three sections and a natural path to making person-centeredness happen.”

~ Kirsten Sanchirico, Director of Workforce Advancement and Carol Napierski, Senior Director of Innovation, New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation

Our customers include:

  • Aimes Homes, Inc.
  • Anaheim
  • Adult Day Care
  • ARC Riverside
  • AS ONE, Inc.
  • Association of Regional Center Agencies
  • Buellton Senior Center
  • California Mentor
  • Central Valley Regional Center
  • Choices Person Centered Services
  • Climb, Inc.
  • Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Francisquito Homes
  • Friendship Center
  • Inclusive World
  • Kern Adult Program
  • Kern Regional Center
  • Lincoln Training Center
  • Mayfair Adult Day Care
  • North Bay Regional Center
  • Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation
  • PSW
  • Regional Center of Orange County
  • San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center
  • Solvang Senior Center
  • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
  • South Dakota Department of Human Services
  • Vocational Innovations
  • Westside Regional Center
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