Valuable lessons about Values

  Several years ago, I was blessed to be introduced to values-based work through our HSA UK team and Jackie Le Fèvre who is a Values Specialist currently writing a… Read more »

Person-Centered Thinking: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

  In the contemporary workplace, the narrative is shifting from mere productivity and output to creating environments where employees not only excel but also feel genuinely valued. A major catalyst… Read more »

Person-Centered Discovery as an invitation to show up in your work, not just “at work.”

I have discovered that bringing my whole self to work is a conscious choice I make each day, an invitation I choose to accept or decline every time I wake… Read more »

Make Planning Fun and Meaningful

  Yes! You can have FUN and still gather important information!            As a service coordinator, planning facilitator, case manager or service provider, making certain that the planning experience is enjoyable,… Read more »

Cultivating Wellness within the Workplace

  I was recently having a conversation with a few colleagues when we started discussing our own wellness goals, each acknowledging our wellness is an area in our life we… Read more »

Self-Care. The top tip for wellbeing

  I think of wellbeing as an internal thing, independent of our circumstances. If we wait for our circumstances to be pleasing and balanced to have a sense of wellbeing,… Read more »

HSA Canada Gathering 2024

  Plans are underway for the next annual HSA Canada Gathering May 7, 8 2024 in Ottawa, ON. We are excited to be planning an in-person event, it’s been so… Read more »

What if? Tips for challenging conversations

  Make certain you are physically and emotionally available and willing to be with a family or person you support. People can be sensitive to body language, facial expressions, or… Read more »

Supervision-Individualizing roles and responsibilities through supervision

  With so many organizations hiring new staff, we are reminded that a new team member and their manager or supervisor can use the person-centered thinking skill, the donut, during… Read more »

Fostering Connection with Intention: an integral part of our person-centered culture.

  I was recently in a team meeting when we were asked what we yearn for. I sat silently, a little bewildered by the question, as it caught me off… Read more »