COVID-19 Support

As we continue to care for one another around the world through physical distancing, at Helen Sanderson Associates USA we remain available to support you, your families, teams and communities. We are ready help you create remote experiences with the same the warmth, compassion, creativity and engagement that our in [...]

Progress for Providers: Checking your progress in using person-centered approaches

What it does Progress for Providers (USA Managers) is a practical self-assessment tool for managers and team leaders to use individually and with teams. The person-centered approaches outlined in each section represent suggested steps taken by many organizations to create environments in which people can thrive, employees as well as [...]

Jamal Feeling Safe, and Supported Decision Making

How do you help people feel safe to make decisions? Here is a little bit of what Jamal taught me on how feeling safe can be the difference maker when it comes to decisions. The decisions we make on a daily basis are wide ranging –from what to eat, to [...]

Join the H S A USA team. Training roles available.

Could this be you? We are looking for two part-time employees, one for the Training and Communications Coordinator role and one for the Training Associate role or one full-time person to fulfill both roles. Salary is dependent on experience.  For priority consideration, please apply by July 10. See full position [...]

Getting started with a one-page profile

We believe that one-page profiles are the foundation of personalization, and can lead to positive change for people all ages and any ability. They provide us a snapshot of what really matters to people, that can be taken with them as they move through services and come into contact with [...]

Five tips for creating meaningful graphics in person-centered planning

Person-centered planning is a process of exploration, inquiry, listening, and reflective practice designed to make the unknown known through words, colors, and images. People of all ages and abilities can actively participate in their own planning process by contributing to images that represent desired outcomes and action steps toward community [...]

Graphic recording to liven up remote meetings and connection

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, much of our work is being taken to the digital realm. We are spending hours of our day facing computer screens that essentially serve as small digital windows into each other’s lives. It is a gift to be able to continue to connect; however, it [...]

Tips and tricks of graphic facilitation and recording

Graphic recording doesn’t have to be complex, and you certainly do NOT need to be an artist. I often refer to it as “doodle notes” just to reiterate that anyone can do it! It’s all about trying things out and seeing what works best for you and the people you [...]

The power of graphics to create more inclusive conversations

I have always been interested in art, and I’ve had a special fondness for street art in particular ever since I can remember seeing scribbles and drawings spray-painted onto the buildings in my neighborhood.  Street art, murals, and graffiti all tell stories of communities in ways words alone never could. [...]

Kindness, self-compassion and five ways to wellbeing

A reflection from the Dare to Lead program While safe, and at times a little stir crazy at home, I'm participating in Dare to Lead, a program based on the research of Brene Brown, and facilitated by Helen Sanderson and Emily McArdle. A thought-provoking journey of self-discovery and bravery, we [...]

Using Person-Centered Practices Within Organizations and Teams

We think that delivering great outcomes for people can only bedelivered through using the same person-centered practices with staff, and within the structures and processes of the organization. At their heart, person-centered thinking tools are simply a different way to have a conversation. The thinking, learning, decisions or actions from [...]

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