Author: Helen Sanderson

The back story of Wellbeing Teams

Last week I posted on Linked In that I was re-reading Bernadette Jiwa’s excellent book ‘Story Driven’ and was planning to using this framework with Wellbeing Teams. This is the… Read more »

Why are Wellbeing Teams seen as radical?

We were delighted to hear that Nesta, the global innovation foundation, had chosen us as one of their New Radicals. But what does it mean to be radical? The Oxford… Read more »

Values in Practice- from intention to action

How can Wellbeing Teams live their values everyday, in every interaction? This is the question I am looking at with our Advisor Jackie Le Fevre, and this is the first… Read more »

Managing and measuring outcomes- challenges and possible solutions

I have been obsessing about outcomes. In the Individual Service Fund work I am doing with Martin Walker and Wigan Council, we need to be able to identify and deliver… Read more »

Care Plans- who are they for?

Last year I started to talk to John Kennedy about policies, procedures and paperwork. This started when I was preparing for my CQC interview to become a registered manager with… Read more »

The rota challenge

I was still occasionally tweeting over the festive period and a tweet from @Drmarkredmond to his students caught my eye. Mark and his students have been looking at Generation Z… Read more »

The 6 questions that determine weather staff will stay or leave

The Wellbeing Support Team handook has been my labour of love over the last month. I have been trying to create something that expresses my hopes for our team, how… Read more »

Can you train people in compassion?

Are you born compassionate, or is it something you can learn and practice? Compassion is one of our values as a Wellbeing Team, and in our Value Based Recruitment we… Read more »

What makes a great candidate experience?

As getting and keeping great staff is the greatest challenge in health and social care, what can we learn by thinking about it from the candidates perspective? In our next… Read more »

Compassion – One love note at a time

Shannon created Love Notes. I received my first Love Note from my friend and colleague Eric, at a retreat. The Love Note wished me luck with Wellbeing Teams. In August I… Read more »