Author: Jamie Markey

No Lows! Top Tips for Training Sessions That Leave Participants Wanting More.

  Imagine a training environment so engaging that participants wish for more, where the only “low” for the training is that it ended! The last two weeks we had the… Read more »

The Power of Collaboration

Group of people doing a high five.

  In a world of endless opportunities, there’s something remarkable about working together as a community. It’s like discovering a secret key to unlock the door to change. Collaboration is… Read more »

Cultivating Wellness within the Workplace

  I was recently having a conversation with a few colleagues when we started discussing our own wellness goals, each acknowledging our wellness is an area in our life we… Read more »

Fostering Connection with Intention: an integral part of our person-centered culture.

  I was recently in a team meeting when we were asked what we yearn for. I sat silently, a little bewildered by the question, as it caught me off… Read more »