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In the Meantime- Mindfulness Moment 1

Settle yourself in your chair and close your eyes. There is work to be done, but first, we must tend to ourselves and B – R – E – A… Read more »

Compassion Inside Out

Self-compassion is as vital as it is difficult.  Talk to any one of my friends, and “compassionate” will quickly fall out of their mouths when they are describing me. Compassion… Read more »

Mindfulness Moment for Connection

Wherever you are located, settle in. Settle into this space we are creating together. Togetherness via zoom and other wonders of technology. YOU are welcome here. As you settle in, check… Read more »

Mindfulness for Monday

It’s Monday!! (Insert any day) Take a deep breath in, don’t rush this one. Let the air fill your lungs slowly. Feel your abdomen rise up and your ribs expand… Read more »