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Building authentic relationships with one page profiles in the classroom.

Recently a friend shared with me that she had been asked to become the new 5th grade teacher at the school where she has been working as an academic interventionist. … Read more »

No Lows! Top Tips for Training Sessions That Leave Participants Wanting More.

  Imagine a training environment so engaging that participants wish for more, where the only “low” for the training is that it ended! The last two weeks we had the… Read more »

The Power of Collaboration

Group of people doing a high five.

  In a world of endless opportunities, there’s something remarkable about working together as a community. It’s like discovering a secret key to unlock the door to change. Collaboration is… Read more »

Ushering in Transition through Person-Centered Team Reviews

  As the heat of summer gives way to the gentle coolness of autumn, a metaphorical transition takes place within teams. Much like the changing seasons, teams go through a… Read more »

Five Ways of Supporting Managers Through Tough Times: High Turnover, Fast Changes, and Heavy Workloads

Stressed person with 6 arms

  Are you treading water trying to stay afloat in today’s fast-paced world? You may not know that H S A provides team level training, coaching, and facilitation to support… Read more »

Person-Centered Thinking: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

  In the contemporary workplace, the narrative is shifting from mere productivity and output to creating environments where employees not only excel but also feel genuinely valued. A major catalyst… Read more »

Person-Centered Discovery as an invitation to show up in your work, not just “at work.”

I have discovered that bringing my whole self to work is a conscious choice I make each day, an invitation I choose to accept or decline every time I wake… Read more »

Make Planning Fun and Meaningful

  Yes! You can have FUN and still gather important information!            As a service coordinator, planning facilitator, case manager or service provider, making certain that the planning experience is enjoyable,… Read more »

Cultivating Wellness within the Workplace

  I was recently having a conversation with a few colleagues when we started discussing our own wellness goals, each acknowledging our wellness is an area in our life we… Read more »

Self-Care. The top tip for wellbeing

  I think of wellbeing as an internal thing, independent of our circumstances. If we wait for our circumstances to be pleasing and balanced to have a sense of wellbeing,… Read more »