HCBS Community of Practice: From Paper to Practice 

Welcome to the Virtual HCBS Community of Practice, a warm and inclusive space where we come together to learn, grow, and make a real impact. The intention of this space is to collaborate, learn from one another, celebrate our achievements, and tackle the challenges that come our way.

The materials you’ll find here are the result of a collective effort aimed at empowering all members within an organization, fostering a stronger community, promoting person-centered services, and ultimately enhancing the lives of those we support. Our goal is to build a shared understanding of different person-centered approaches by creating practical resources that you can utilize within your teams and discuss how you may apply them creatively to sustain and exceed the HCBS quality standards.

Let’s dive in and make a positive difference together!

Five Valued Experiences

In this video, we will introduce you to John and Connie O’Brien’s Five Valued Experiences and discuss their significance, both in their absence and presence, in relation to the HCBS Final Rule and person-centered practices.


Gifts and Capacities

In order to empower individuals to find welcoming spaces within their community, it is essential that we begin by identifying their unique talents and passions. In this video, we’ll introduce a skill known as “Gifts and Capacities,” which assists us in capturing a person’s strengths, abilities, and potential contributions.

Places and Possibilities

Explore how to support people transition from being a customer to a more engaged member of their community. Within this framework, “Places and Possibilities”, you’ll identify significant places in a person’s life where contributions can thrive.


Thank you to all who share a commitment to building a community where everyone can thrive.

This HCBS Community of Practice is made possible by funding from the Department of Developmental Services and the collaboration of the following organizations: