Mindfulness for Monday

It’s Monday!! (Insert any day)

Take a deep breath in, don’t rush this one.

Let the air fill your lungs slowly. Feel your abdomen rise up and your ribs expand as fresh oxygen fills you. Picture freshness pouring over you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Wiggle them in your shoes.

Breathe out any sense of grogginess left from sleep … or not enough sleep.

When you hear the word Monday, how do you feel? How does your body react? What direction do your thoughts move in?

“I’m not ready yet, Monday ripped me out of bed, tired and unprepared. In fact, I’m not sure I had a weekend! There was laundry, the dog, the backyard, the kids’ games, and homework … bills … and here I am.”

Good news! Monday is nothing more or less than the name given to a day. Other than that, it’s a day full of possibility. Free, with ample room to be what we allow it to be with our work and our openness to receive unexpected gifts, surprises and accomplishments that may come in this new day.

Allow this shift to settle with one more slow breath in and out before moving on.