Progress for Providers: Checking your progress in using person-centered approaches


What it does
Progress for Providers (USA Managers) is a practical self-assessment tool for managers and team leaders to use individually and with teams. The person-centered approaches outlined in each section represent suggested steps taken by many organizations to create environments in which people can thrive, employees as well as people who receive long term services and supports.

How it helps
Using person-centered approaches helps people with disabilities to have more choice and control in their lives and helps staff to provide the best support they can in ways that reflect what s important tot he person receiving support. Working in this way is not necessarily about doing more but doing things differently.

How to use it
Progress for Providers is not prescriptive or based in regulatory guidance. It is a compilation of practices that organizations have found to be useful in their journey to be more person-centered. So we suggest you use Progress for Providers to generate dialogue across your organization about what’s going well and what areas can benefit from honest reflection and continued evolutionary practices. For this resource to be most impactful, the application of the practices suggested in Progress for Providers at a front-line level needs to be supported throughout the organization. This resource will be most effective in organizations that have a clear understanding of person-centered practices and have a quality management system in place that supports this.

How we can help you implement Progress for Providers
We work with managers and organizations to implement Progress for Providers, guiding you every step of the way, helping you reflect on your practice, gather evidence, and devise person-centered strategies for your ongoing organizational development and change. Some organizations work through all sections over a period of days, others take a deeper dive into small sections, one at a time, spanning several months. The process of working through Progress for Providers can be delivered in person and remotely. It starts with a conversation. You can get in touch with to learn more.

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