Reflecting on One Page Profiles

It’s over 10 years since we introduced one-page profiles into our practice following organisation wide, two-day person-centred thinking training, led by our colleagues at HSA Australia.  The training was the catalyst for transformational change.  Initially we started developing one-page profiles with people we supported but it didn’t take long for us to realise the benefits for all of us to develop our own one-page profiles.

One-page profiles for everyone is now part of our culture at Tautoko Services. Each one is uniquely crafted and is the outcome of a good conversation around what is important to each of us and how we would like to be supported.   People have chosen to share their profiles on the wall, and they have become a great way of connecting with each other.  They work well for introducing people to potential support workers and for introducing a new support worker to their team.

They are now an integral part of our self-managing practices, supporting team members to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work, and identify interests and talents to offer the best possible support to people.  One-page profiles offer an organic way of planning for change for individuals and teams.