Progress for Providers: Checking your progress in using person-centered approaches

What it does Progress for Providers (USA Managers) is a practical self-assessment tool for managers and team leaders to use individually and with teams. The person-centered approaches outlined in each section represent suggested steps taken by many organizations to create environments in which people can thrive, employees as well as [...]

Jamal Feeling Safe, and Supported Decision Making

How do you help people feel safe to make decisions? Here is a little bit of what Jamal taught me on how feeling safe can be the difference maker when it comes to decisions. The decisions we make on a daily basis are wide ranging –from what to eat, to [...]

Five tips for creating meaningful graphics in person-centered planning

Person-centered planning is a process of exploration, inquiry, listening, and reflective practice designed to make the unknown known through words, colors, and images. People of all ages and abilities can actively participate in their own planning process by contributing to images that represent desired outcomes and action steps toward community [...]

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