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Training and development in person-centered organizations

Being a person-centered organization isn’t just about knowing a technique or approach. It’s a way of being, a philosophy. And this training will help you to transform your organizational culture so people are truly at the heart.

This can help organizations in many ways. They will take new approaches to decision-making, become proactively inclusive, and better empower their own staff. All in all, person-centered organizations provide an environment in which everyone can truly thrive.

Who is this training for?

This training can be tailored to any kind of organization that wishes to become more person-centered. This could be a care and support provider, care management organization, school or hospital – among others.

How could this help you?

This training will help:

  • to improve organizational understanding of personalized support, such as that required in the HCBS guidelines
  • to create a culture of openness and inclusion
  • to foster more inclusive decision-making
  • to build an environment where everyone’s opinion is truly listened to
  • to create an environment in which everyone can thrive

What could you learn?

You will learn about:

  • How to practice and reinforce person-centered practices and skills across an organization
  • How to use one-page profiles for staff across and organization
  • Discussing a vision for the future
  • How to model and practice collaboration
  • How to create a culture of positive and productive meetings
  • How to make decisions based on values
  • How to facilitate sessions yourself, so you can embed any learning wider across the organization
  • How to turn needs and ideas into actions

How can we deliver this training?

We offer a range of training and development and facilitation options in Person-Centered Organizational Change, and we can tailor them to your needs. Just get in touch with Mary Beth to learn more.

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