Upcoming Opportunities with HSA Teams and Leaders

Teams and Leaders

We are commonly known for the work we do with providers to be more person-centered for HCBS compliance and helping organizations transform their ways of working to modernize practices that grew out of the institutional era.

The other side of our business is helping teams and leaders to evolve their self managing practices and establish workplaces that are motivated, sustainable, productive and happy.

The following programs are designed to help teams, leaders and whole organizations take steps toward new management structures and practices that is needed in this new era of remote working, inclusion and autonomy.

Positive and Productive Meetings

Helen Sanderson and Mary Beth are offering Positive and Productive Meetings training November 16, 23 and 30, 2021

The Positive and Productive Meetings process creates a respectful and supportive environment, in person or online, that enables people to think clearly and therefore do their best work.

  • Positive and Productive Meetings focuses on very human elements that deliver measurable results:
  • People come to meetings prepared.
  • Meetings run more smoothly.
  • Things get done.
  • Everyone leaves the meeting with clear tasks & timelines.

When & Where

Three 3-hour interactive sessions delivered online via ZOOM

from 9am to 12pm PT

SLACK will be used for support and communication throughout the program.


Self-paced e-learning modules accompanied


Could Your Organization be a Demonstration Site to Shape the Future of Work?

  • H S A and SEMCO Style Institute of Self-Management
  • Achieve your mission by unlocking the people potential in your organization.
  • Focus on very human elements to have happier employees, better business results, and improved personal outcomes for people you support.
  • Roadmap for transformation

–Evolution or Revolution

–Organization assessment

–Training, coaching, supporting change agents

–Cohort approach plus internal coaching for each organization

1-2 years with technical assistance

Building Trust and Autonomy in Teams

Some of you joined us for Building Trust and Autonomy in Teams.  We will be offering this program again in 2022 with some modifications based on what we learned with the first cohort of learners and team leaders.

Increasing Empathy and Compassion in Teams and Meetings

We will be offering a new program, Increasing Empathy and Compassion in Teams and Meetings.

Strategic Planning

HSA is working with a number of organizations to engage in a strategic planning process and support with facilitation as needed.

We welcome the opportunity to open up a dialogue around an organization’s needs in this area that we could possibly support.

Values Based Recruitment

HSA also offers training in Values Based Recruitment that is more important than ever in today’s tight labor market.